Founder & CEO

Be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous!

Sachiko Akahori Miller, Founder & CEO 

“MARKET TO JAPAN was founded in 2004 in order to provide one-stop, easy access consulting services for small companies who produce creative products and services to improve people’s lives. The intention to create the company was also to provide a work place for smart, passionate, and highly capable men and women that can utilize their international skills and knowledge for world-class business.”

In April, 2004, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

Thank you so much for all of your support of our business.

Now, the international business environment has totally changed from 2004’s starting point. Products and services are introduced every day, flooding the market with similar products that has caused pressure on price and competition has become more difficult.

Also, international communication speed has become faster and consumers can buy products from overseas just using smart phones. That has forced companies to re-visit and shift their sales & marketing strategies.

We also have had to adjust our services for rapidly changing world business requirements for our clients. With our strong commitment towards our clients’ success and sales skills, we like to help small companies’ international business for long-term success.

We work together, and grow together with our clients. That is MARKET TO JAPAN’s key to success.

For a happy, healthy and prosperous life, let’s work together on business in Japan!