Meet the Team

Friendly & result driven people

MARKET TO JAPAN team is comprised of professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds, each of us well-versed in international communications, business and brand development. We take pride in our commitment to our clients’ success, while at the same time being sales-oriented and results-driven.

Founder & CEO

Sachiko Akahori Miller

After graduating college in Japan, Sachiko had worked at Personal care Products Company and realized she really enjoyed selling and marketing products that are used for peoples’ everyday life, and knowing users are happy using the products.

Sachiko wanted to learn more about international business overseas so she decided to study abroad to challenge earning herself to earn an MBA, while at the same time, improve her English skills. She married her husband whom she met in NY and has 2 children.

While raising her 2 children, Sachiko wanted to develop a company where women can work utilizing their international business skills and balance their lives at home. She also wanted to focus on offering easier access for international business for start-ups and small companies. Sachiko decided to pursue these interests with her entrepreneurial spirit and small business mindset. She founded the company in April, 2004, offering services for international business for small companies who strive day by day to develop their products and services for changing people’s everyday lives for good.  In 2016, she opened a branch office in Yokohama Japan.

Sachiko loves seeing her clients’ products and services being well received overseas. Her commitment for MARKET TO JAPAN is that the company provides the best service for our clients, while at the same time, to grow herself and her staff together with her clients’ growth.

She enjoys skiing for vacation and watching sports games of their children. She is trying to have a balanced life for work and family, but although it has never been perfect, it has been a worthwhile journey!

Marketing Assistant

Chieko Minamida

I am a mother of two kids and loves fashion. At MTJ, I am a Sales and Marketing assistant to support our clients.

By utilizing the experience of apparel and overseas sales in textiles, I am supporting to connect brands and products to consumers across national borders.

With the spread of the Internet, various sales channels are enriched, and the borders are getting meaningless among individual shopping. However, from a marketing perspective, there are many differences between the Japanese market and the North American market.

I believe that specialized marketing strategy tailored to each customer is essential to survive in this diverse and rapidly changing era. It is our mission to execute that strategy and we will do all our best to support the customer’s important brand to be loved long term world wide.

Sales & Customer Service Manager

Hitomi Yamasaki

I am working at the Yokohama office in the Japan branch of MTJ.

I have experience working for world apparel brand companies and multi national hotels communicating with many different cultural background customers gaining hospitality skills and knowledge.

Through these experiences, I also gained skills to see “Real” things in the business world.
Fashion, Art, and any products’ value are evaluated by not just looks, but the stories behind how it was developed including colors, materials, designs, functions and usages, etc.

How the value is determined become is very interesting and fascinating.

I have enjoyed scuba diving, viewing art, and traversing domestically and internationally.
Each of these different adventures have given me new ideas.
I look forward to working with you to help your business grow.