Brand Hunting

We boost profitability and save your most precious asset, Time!

Are you looking for unique brands and products overseas, but not familiar with how to do it? Or, are you having difficulties communicating with overseas sellers? Let us research and hunt for unique brands for you. Our brand hunting service removes you from any international trades’ pains and difficulties, so that you can focus on what you are good at!

  •  Review what types of brands and products you are looking for
  •  Understand target price points and volumes
  •  List potential brands and products which are available to buy
  •  Negotiate with sellers
  •  Place orders and logistics coordination

Attending Tradeshows for hunting & purchasing brand products and/or researching

Are you interested in finding unique products in Japan? Attending tradeshows in Japan might open up a great opportunity for you to find brand new products to consumers in your country. In some cases, you can even have an exclusive distribution agreement. We will help your first experience buying products in Japan, and also if you had difficulties to purchase at Japanese tradeshows in the past, please let us help!

  •  Select tradeshows to attend for market research or brand hunting
  •  Pre-research about the exhibitors
  •  Interpret and make sure terms are understood with exhibitors and negotiate
  •  Place orders, follow up, and logistics coordination after the show