Business Development

We build carefully for long term growth!

1. Brand Development

For companies who want to develop their brand in Japan, we can help you to research about the market and effectively appeal to the Japanese market.

  •  Market research – identify positioning
  •  Develop optimal pricing plans
  •  Create Localized Marketing Communication Tools such as catalogs, brochures, website, PR materials, etc.
  •  Translate, edit, and localize the product for the Japanese market, including:
      Packaging concept and design
      Care labels, stickers
  •  Select effective tradeshows to exShibit
  •  Provide a brand development plan for your company

2. Business Matching

Are you looking for distributors and buyers? We can help connect you to the best-fit Japanese business partners for your company. Before you start a dialogue with a prospective partner, let us evaluate their business and suitability. When you’re appropriately informed, you can communicate and negotiate with confidence.

  •  Research and carefully select potential partners and buyers in Japan
  •  Evaluate potential business partners based on your company vision and business direction
  •  Due Diligence on prospective partners
  •  Facilitate negotiations regarding agreement, order quantities, pricing and related details with Japanese business partners