Market Research

Look before you leap! We do your homework for you!

Are you aiming to build a new brand in the Japanese market for the first time? Or, have you already sold in Japan, but have not been satisfied with the results, and are looking to regroup and get a fresh start? We can tailor our market research for your specific needs. We put together a report for you to understand the competitive landscape in the Japanese market, so that you can take this step with eyes wide open.

Exploratory Market Research

Review your products and services

Receive and review information about your company, brand concept, products and services including the target market, product features and pricing point, as well as international sales experience.

Identify Positioning

We identify your product’s position in the Japanese market by researching what similar products are currently sold in Japan, where they are being sold, how much they generally cost, who generally buys them and how they are used.

Research potential sellers in Japan

We conduct detailed research into potential distributors, wholesalers and retailers in Japan.

Reporting and Communication

We provide you with a report on the condition of the Japanese market, as well as information regarding which distributors, wholesalers and retailers we have been communicating with.


Customized Market Research

We can provide you with customized market research per your request.

  •  Review and understand your business, products and services.
  •  Create customized questionnaire for your products and services.
  •  Deploy market research including focus group and target customers
  •  Visit and interview existing/potential buyers and customers.
  •  Receive response and feedback.
  •  Detail report and analysis.