Sales & Marketing

We become your international Sales & Marketing team!

Do you want to gain brand awareness and increase sales in Japan?
We can become your sales and marketing department for the Japanese market. Develop strong brand awareness in Japan, and increase your sales and profitability.

  •  Communicate and negotiating daily with distributors/wholesalers/retailers regarding order quantities, timing and logistics options
  •  Create customized questionnaire for your products and services.
  •  Monitor inventory in order to maximize order efficiency
  •  Gather customer feedback to improve product quality and functionality
  •  Research new potential markets in order to develop different sales channels
  •  From order placement to delivery of goods, oversee every aspect of the purchase, including logistics and payment execution
  •  New & collaborative product development consultation based on market research & sales reports
  •  Develop private label products for specific companies and markets when necessary
  •  Develop effective PR, marketing & advertising strategies and implementation