Who we are

In 2004, MARKET TO JAPAN was founded in Seattle, WA USA to help small companies’ cross-cultural businesses, especially for between the North America and Japanese market.

Each member of our bi-cultural sales, marketing, and business development team has extensive experience working in both the American and Japanese markets.

For over 10 years, through our international business knowledge, constant research and development, strong communication and negotiation skills, our clients can overcome all the intricacies of cross-cultural business and achieve their goals.

We help clients to reach their target customers on an emotional level, which lead our clients to develop strong brand, and accurately hit their target demographic and increase profitability.

Why do business with MARKET TO JAPAN?


MARKET TO JAPAN offers a wide variety of services under one roof. Our experienced, bi-cultural sales/marketing team is able promptly to assist clients with any and all support necessary in order to build a strong brand in Japan. From connecting clients with distributors and buyers, finding manufacturers and factories, translation and negotiation, logistics support, to culture-correct brand development, including the implementation of advertising, sales & marketing strategies, we provide each client with the kind of customized service necessary to ensure a successful business venture.


Our expertise lies in helping companies develop strong brands and sales. And, we have been there. Through the development and implementation of long-term sales & marketing strategies, we have helped clients not only to have great sales, but to develop strong brands and remain profitable in the face of ever-increasing competition.


Most small to medium size business simply cannot afford to put together an international marketing team with specific country, Japan-focused expertise. We become your international sales & marketing team for a fraction of the price.

Peace of mind

Japan is a great place to do business, but the process of bringing a brand to Japan can be financially risky if done without a deep understanding of the culture, business practices, trends and consumer behavior. We at MARKET TO JAPAN provide the expertise necessary and flexibility to guide your company through this process safely. We remove the risks, providing our clients with peace of mind.