Why Market to Japan?

“Hearty” Commitment to our clients to grow their business in Japan.

Hear・ty [hahr-tee] adjective

  1. Warm-hearted; heartfelt; devoted
  2. Genuine; sincere
  3. Vigorous; strong
  4. Exuberant; enthusiastic
  5. Substantial; abundant; nourishing

International business transactions can at times seem cold and impersonal, while building successful brands overseas takes time, patience and careful planning.

And, most importantly, it requires a strong commitment.

At MARKET TO JAPAN, we focus on the personal aspect of international business.

We like to roll up our sleeves and get to know the people that we are working with. We believe that this personal connection helps to encourage a sense of working together to achieve common goals.

Our concept for international business is “Hearty Marketing”,which you will receive our heartfelt and devoted service to develop beloved & long-lasting your precious brand, and market & sell your products and services in the Japanese market.

Just as hearty food provides nutrients for the healthy body, hearty can also mean strong and vigorous. We enjoy the many challenges present in building cross-cultural brands, and are happy to face and issue head-on, dealing with it quickly and effectively.

Our Hearty Marketing provides nutrients that nurture the development of strong, vital businesses for you.

To put it simply, we are people people, and we sincerely want you to have a positive experience launching your brand in a new market.